New Build School

  With the subject property in the foreground the mast gives us the ability to really show the surrounds of a site such as this new build school. This can be seen with the green fields and open spaces as a backdrop. #mastphotography #schoolphotography #openspaces #newbuild   #photography

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Summer Photography

  The recent lovely bright sunshine has been a real treat. Somehow everything looks better with some bright sunshine and blue skies. This large group of buildings and carpark look terrific despite the camera pointing directly into the sunshine. The drone might be able to get higher and be more manoeuvrable but it is not […]

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Anaerobic Digester

In the days before we had invested in drones the only way to capture a large site such as this anaerobic digester as using the mast. Given its rural location a site like this would be perfect for drone photography. Whilst many rural sites are perfect for drone photography, urban sites are trickier to fly […]

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Office Complex Photography

Photography using the elevated mast gives the opportunity to work in a city centre without the restrictions placed on a drone. This new office development looks terrific with some elevation thanks to the mast and some great weather. #mastphotography #elevatedphotography #officecomplex   #Manchester #bluesky

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Aerial Photography

I was up flying recently and captured some lovely aerial images of England Football training camp at St Georges park. Using aerial photography, one can really see the size, quality and the extent of the facilities on offer.   I carry out aerial, drone, mast and conventional photography all over the UK. If you have […]

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New build complex

              This newbuilt parcel delivery complex looks terrific using the mast to show of its size and layout. The bright sunshine reminds us that spring and summer, with hopefully warm and bright weather, will eventually return!    

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Comparison Photography

This image of the same building taken at different times or year and with differing weather conditions illustrates the difference all these factors can have in the final look of property photography.

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Happy New Year

  Wishing you all Seasons Greetings and a happy and prosperous 2018. Now that the New Year is upon us and the weather is unsettled today here is a picture of an industrial estate taken back in the summer which reminds us all how lovely the weather can be when the sun does shine.

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Winter Photography

  With all the snow that has been around this week it reminds us that with some sunshine it can transform any property into a real winter wonderland. I wonder if it will be snow for Christmas? #snow #winter #mastphotography #conventionalphotography #dronephotography

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Retail Photography

Sometimes in Autumn and Winter with the sun low in the skies and with long shadows we forget how lovely and bright and sunny the weather can be in the summer. So just to remind ourselves how sunny and bright the summer weather can be I wanted to post an image of this lovely sunny […]

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