Commercial Photography

With a combination of mast photography and some sunshine even this rather dilapidated warehouse looks much better with some sunshine and mast photography. #warehousephotography #mastphotography #oldwarehouse #commercialphotography #propertyphotography

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City Centre Photography

  Under the current CAA regulations, it is prohibited from flying a drone inside a highly urbanised area such as this. However, the 26m van mounted mast is able to capture this city scape with the large parking area in the foreground and the city in the background. #leeds #mastphotography #commercialphotography #propertyphotography       […]

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Warehouse Photography

    With lovely bright summer sunshine, this warehouse and yard look terrific using the 26m telescopic mast to capture an elevated image. The advantage of this is that the whole site can be seen in a single image in a way that conventional ground based photography would have difficulty in capturing. #industrialphotography #mastphotography #warehousephotography […]

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