Elevated photography operates from a purpose-built vehicles with a 26m (90ft) pneumatically powered mast. Securely attached to the mast is a high definition remotely controlled camera which can be controlled by our operator in the van based studio. Using specially developed software which allows the images to be remotely captured, these can be viewed via the laptop or tablet before the photograph is taken, ensuring perfect results every time.

Property photos are easily and quickly captured as required and we are delighted to work with the client directing the shoot in order to capture the required photos.

One of the main advantages of mast photography is that it requires very little space from which to operate. It only requires a regular space in a car park and can work without restrictions in very built-up areas that the drone cannot operate in. Roof photography can also be carried out quickly and easily. The camera rises to the equivalent height of an 8-storey building so roof and gutter defects can be identified as well as undertaking complete roof condition surveys.

Mast photography can be carried out reasonably quickly and we can be up and capturing wonderful images within a few minutes of arriving on site. As always there are brief checks to be done prior to photography to ensure that the van is parked in a legal and safe place and that there are no high voltage electricity lines nearby as this can be a safety hazard. Very strong wind can also be an issue, however with the addition of stabilising legs the mast can operate in winds gusting at more than 30mph.

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