For particularly large sites the only practical way to photograph is using aerial photography from a light aircraft. This is where the tools which are offered by Sky High Camera come into their own.

This can be seen by viewing the images below. Aerial photography is done from a light aircraft.

The photographer will attempt to fly from the closest airfield to the subject image in order to keep costs to a minimum. Once overhead the subject site a number of fly rounds are conducted in order to capture the subject from a number of differing angles. Aerial photography is carried out using very high definition cameras in order to capture as much detail of a site as possible. The aerial photography is always carried out in the best possible light in order to capture the subject property looking at its best. All images are GPS tagged so it is easy to locate the photography location. Depending on the size and the ease of photography with aerial photography we would always aim to capture around 30 – 60 images to send to the client.

Having a large library of aerial photography images built up over many years at hand is a real boost for the client being able to provide relevant aerial images within a very short time span. With the advent of GPS tagging of the images it makes the library search of images relatively quick and easy.

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