Grosvenor House Hotel

    This library elevated image of the Grosvenor House Hotel in Sheffield dates back to summer 2008 shortly before it closed for good. It is slowly being demolished and it is due to be replaced by the new retail quarter in Sheffield city centre by 2019.

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Comparison between Sunny and Overcast Conditions

I am often asked if we have gloomy weather if it is easy to put a blue sky back ground into an image and the answer is yes. However, it can be seen from this image of the same building taken at different times of year that sunshine adds a sparkle to an image that […]

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Multi Pitch Football Complex

With the dark evenings at this time of year it is a great opportunity to carry out some interesting long exposure photography such as this large multi pitch football games complex.

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Cold weather forecast

It is set to become much colder by the end of this week. This means that we may end up with some photos like this.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all our followers. Hope you all have a happy 2017 and continue to enjoy the content that we post.

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