School Photography

  Mast photography is a wonderful way to record building progress with time lapse images and the final shot of a project once complete such as this school building.   #mastphotogarphy #schoolphotography #scientiaacademy #timelapsephotography #constructionphotography  

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Commercial Photography

With a combination of mast photography and some sunshine even this rather dilapidated warehouse looks much better with some sunshine and mast photography. #warehousephotography #mastphotography #oldwarehouse #commercialphotography #propertyphotography

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City Centre Photography

  Under the current CAA regulations, it is prohibited from flying a drone inside a highly urbanised area such as this. However, the 26m van mounted mast is able to capture this city scape with the large parking area in the foreground and the city in the background. #leeds #mastphotography #commercialphotography #propertyphotography       […]

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Warehouse Photography

    With lovely bright summer sunshine, this warehouse and yard look terrific using the 26m telescopic mast to capture an elevated image. The advantage of this is that the whole site can be seen in a single image in a way that conventional ground based photography would have difficulty in capturing. #industrialphotography #mastphotography #warehousephotography […]

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Anaerobic Digester

    Along with solar and wind farms there has been a huge expansion in aerobic digesters to provide renewable clean electricity for generations to come. These are large highly complex pieces of equipment with numerous components which is very well captured with the elevated #mastphotography.  #anaerobicdigester #renewableenergy #cleanenergy

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Mid Summer Photography

    The wonderful thing about photography at this time of year with the sun so high in the sky everything looks fantastic including north facing properties which can be tricky to photograph when the sun is lower in the sky. The mast really shows off this group of industrial units to great effect despite […]

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Retail Parks

  Despite the lack of sunshine when this was taken, with the addition of some blue sky this retail park looks dynamic and inviting. Thanks to the elevated mast which operates up to 90ft high.    

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Mast vs Drone

Due to CAA regulations, it is not possible to fly the drone with 50 m of a built up urban area. Consequently, the mast is perfect to capture this large office complex in its environs within a built up area. Please get in touch if you have any conventional, mast, drone or aerial photography enquiries. […]

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Mast Photography

With the lovely long days at this time of year, and with good weather forecast for the next few days, it is a perfect time for photography such as this industrial unit photographed using the 26.m mast.  

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Aerial Photography

  Sky High Camera has been in business for over 10 years and in that time, has accumulated a large selection of library aerial images of a wide number of locations such as this aerial view of Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Please get in touch with any aerial photography requirements that you may have.

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