Mid Summer Photography

    The wonderful thing about photography at this time of year with the sun so high in the sky everything looks fantastic including north facing properties which can be tricky to photograph when the sun is lower in the sky. The mast really shows off this group of industrial units to great effect despite […]

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Retail Parks

  Despite the lack of sunshine when this was taken, with the addition of some blue sky this retail park looks dynamic and inviting. Thanks to the elevated mast which operates up to 90ft high.    

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Mast vs Drone

Due to CAA regulations, it is not possible to fly the drone with 50 m of a built up urban area. Consequently, the mast is perfect to capture this large office complex in its environs within a built up area. Please get in touch if you have any conventional, mast, drone or aerial photography enquiries. […]

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Mast Photography

With the lovely long days at this time of year, and with good weather forecast for the next few days, it is a perfect time for photography such as this industrial unit photographed using the 26.m mast.  

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Aerial Photography

  Sky High Camera has been in business for over 10 years and in that time, has accumulated a large selection of library aerial images of a wide number of locations such as this aerial view of Ponds Forge International Sports Centre. Please get in touch with any aerial photography requirements that you may have.

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Football Grounds

        Some of these images have been posted already but due to the large response that was received from the previous post I thought it be interesting to post some other football grounds as well. No prizes for guessing which ground is which.   Don’t forget that I carry all sorts of […]

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Commercial Photography

    The mast is great at working in urban areas where it is not possible to fly the drone. And as such can capture some great images such as this car show room site. Again with the bright sunshine it makes it look as attractive as possible.  

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Spring time Photography

  At this time of year the sun is as high in the sky as it is at the end of August and a result we can get some great images of a variety of properties such as this rural farmhouse set in lovely countryside.  

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Drone vs Mast

Drones are very useful for a lot of differing types of photography, however they cannot be used in a built up area with lots of vehicles and pedestrians and that is where the 26 m van mounted mobile mast relay comes into its own in order to capture images such as this large retail complex

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Football Stadium Montage

During the course of the various aerial photography sorties that I undertake on behalf of clients I fly past various football grounds that look great from an aerial perspective and I thought that I might be interesting to see a montage of some of the local grounds. No prizes for guessing which ground is which! […]

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